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Training for the treatment of:


• Concentration disorders
• Attention deficit disorders
• Distractibility

• Dyslexia
• Reading and writing weakness

• Auditory perception and processing disorders


BENAUDIRA is an easy-to-use individualized auditory training.

The application of this training regulates and improves the central auditory processing, auditory laterality and all skills associated.
Via the auditory pathway, the positive development of the brain is promoted.

The BENAUDIRA auditory training is a very effective help for most people whose problems originate in the processing of auditory stimuli. In this course, you will learn about the numerous problems of children and adolescents thus caused by this – and how to treat them with the BENAUDIRA auditory training.


•  BENAUDIRA individualized auditory training 
– how does it work?

•  Relationships between multiple problems such as dyslexia or concentration disorders and listening
• Audiometry (air conduction): theory and exercise
• Interpretation of audiograms• Course of the therapy
• Theory of central auditory processing and possible malfunctions
• Anatomy and physiology of hearing
• Consultation of those affected
•  Technical background

In this course, you will learn to carry out auditory perception tests, to evaluate these, to advise the families concerning the auditory training and to provide support during the period of training.

After participating in this course, you are entitled to offer the BENAUDIRA individualised auditory training to your clients.



•  Auditory processing and perception disorders
• Hyperacusis

• Concentration disorders
• Distractibility
• Attention-deficit disorder (ADD)
• Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
• Problems with retentive memory

• Reading – and writing weakness
• Dyslexia
• Confusion with similar sounding letters or syllables

•  Delayed / defective speech development
• Articulation and pronunciation difficulties
• Stuttering
• Aphasia