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If a person does not hear optimally or processes heard sounds not in the right way, he is not able to perceive in a good way what his counterpart says. It is also not possible for the affected person to control if that what he said himself is sounding correctly.
This has consequences for the articulation and the pronunciation.
Both can be affected if the auditory processing is not functioning in a balanced way.
In this way, sounds are not spoken at all or replaced by other existent sounds, e.g. it is said “sool” instead of “school”. If words cannot be memorised properly, the correct naming of things is hampered.
The BENAUDIRA auditory training here provides a possibility to improve the hearing, the auditory processing, and with that also the comprehension and reproducing of speech.
In all disturbances of speech, also other causes, like e.g. constrictions in mouth motor functions (for correct speech motions), can be present.
This cannot be treated directly with the auditory training.
Often, however, several factors act together in the development of problems with speech. If it can be achieved to equalise the central auditory processing with the auditory training and to affect the interaction of both brain hemispheres positively, a good basis for fluent speech is established.

Possible hints to restrictions of speech:

  • Disorders/ delays in acquisition of speech
  • Restricted comprehension of speech
  • Difficulties with syntax
  • Disturbances of speech flow (Stuttering)

Also in speech disorder like stuttering and aphasia (which develops after a stroke, cranio-cerebral-trauma or encephalitis), the auditory training can be a good help.
When you start an auditory training, exact examinations of the auditory processing take place. After this, it can be decided for the individual person if the auditory training can be applied reasonably.

Possible hints to a constricted auditory processing with aphasia:

  • Confusing of words
  • Confusing of sounds
  • Problems with understanding speech
  • Difficulties with syntax